You are warmly invited to attend a talk by Ian Cottam of the University of Manchester on the HPC Condor High Throughput computing system on July 15th at 3pm .

HTC-Condor is a is a free and open source system provided by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Many Universities across the world use Condor to ‘scavenge’ CPU cycles from 1000s of desktop PCs around Campus. The University of Manchester is one such University and has run a highly successful Condor service for several years now. On their website they say

We have so many PCs that you could do 10 years worth of computation over a single weekend

The set-up at Manchester uses around 800 PCs around campus to provide a system that has a peak compute capability on par with Sheffield’s iceberg HPC facility (in terms of CPU cores). This system barely cost anything since the computers were already there!

In this talk, Ian will discuss what sort of computational workloads Condor is suitable for, the history of Condor at Manchester and the various ways in which Condor pools can be configured.

Attendance is free but registration is required.

For Further information please contact:

Mike Croucher
Research Software Engineer
University of Sheffield
Twitter: @walkingrandomly